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The Ultimate Movie Night

Caribbean Cinemas VIP at Distrito T-Mobile will give you the best viewing experience youhave ever had. The VIP Theaters have laser projectors and a complete surround sound package providing an intense experience.

As you enter the theater, you will notice the over-sized luxury recliners with extendable footrests and cup holders all numbered so you can reserve your seat online ahead of time.
It also offers the first ScreenX Theater in the Caribbean, the world’s firstmulti-projection theatre technology with a 270-degree panoramic viewthat will take youbeyond the traditional frame and surround youwith imagery –almost like they you are inside the film.

A theater full of incredible amenities where you will be able to enjoy a movie, eat from our traditional concession, or from Victor’s Kitchen and Bar exclusive menu,andevenenjoy your favorite cocktail...All of this awaits at Caribbean Cinemas at Distrito T-Mobile.

Movie nights during COVID have been adapted to an under-the-stars Drive-In. Come by with family and or friends and enjoy this unique experience.


State of the Art

The Coca-Cola Music Hall is a state-of-the-art concert facility that will change Puerto Rico's music and entertainment industry. Accommodating anywhere from 2,000 all-seated to 6,000 mostly standing attendees. It has a 900-guest VIP only mezzanine with impressive views and dedicated amenities like a private stair entrance, bars, and table-top side seating.

The Music Hall has flexible capacities, unrivaled sightlines via tiered rows, superior sound, and lights, including a large dance floor and full-service bars conveniently placed around the venue to maximize flow, efficiency, and patron experience.

The venue serves as an event space for boxing matches, award shows, corporate meetings, family shows, and much more. It’s scheduled to open in March 2020.

We’re Puerto Rico’s ultimate venue for fun and entertainment. And because we believe fun shouldn’t be a once in a while thing, we’ve brought together Puerto Rico's spirit, flavors, and good vibes with innovative experiences to surprise visitors every time.

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