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Can you imagine a witty burger?

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Irreverent, satirical, witty, creative. Not usual words you would associate with a burger restaurant, but that is precisely what La Burguesía is. The task? Take a universally loved dish and give it a fresh perspective on what it can become with fresh ingredients, a unique style and creative recipes.

La Burguesía, located in DISTRITO T-Mobile opens its doors with a new concept where its looking to challenge even the most demanding palates with its varied menu. Focusing on black angus beef, the restaurant has an in-house butcher shop with fresh, never-frozen cuts of meat for its burgers, accompanied by hand-picked veggies guaranteeing freshness, and its own brioche bun recipe made from local artisan bakery El Horno de Pane. Some of the favorites include “El Príncipe de Asturias,” whose main ingredients are Serrano ham, Gruyère cheese, arugula, and truffle oil; and “El Capataz” which stands out for its caramelized “amarillos” (or sweet fried plantains), goat cheese, bacon, mayonnaise and cilantro sauce and an apple and green pepper vinaigrette. Already having cravings? This is just the beginning.

No good burger meal is complete without its fries... and boy do they deliver! To accompany your burger, enjoy a serving of double or triple fried Belgian Cut fries and behold: the perfect combination of a crunchy outside with a soft buttery inside.With sizes going from medium, large to ridiculous, each order can be made to your taste with 6 options of “magic dust” for seasoning and 13 toppings ranging from Belgian sauce, valentine ketchup or chipotle mayo, to beefy gravy, roasted garlic aioli or samurai sauce. If you are not in the mood for some fries, they still have a large assortment of tapas and appetizers you can choose from. 

As if that wasn’t enough... you still needsomething to wash it all down. La Burguesía has a large assortment of artisanal local and imported beers, house cocktails, wine, or soft drinks to choose from, or you can go all the way and order one of their legendary shakes. These monsters come in a variety of flavors decorated with unique ingredients and a slice of cake on top. Yes, CAKE.

The only thing left to do is decide when you’re coming by. Be sure to bring your hunger through the door.