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Lupe Reyes: An authentic gastronomical experience

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Lupe Reyes: An authentic gastronomical experience brings Mexico’s folklore to DISTRITO T-Mobile

A new restaurant highlighting Mexico's folklore and gastronomy just opened in the heart of the entertainment complex, DISTRITO T-Mobile.

Lupe Reyes is a restaurant focused on creating an authentic Mexican experience. Its signature dish is their famous "tacos al pastor," a typical flavorful street dish from Mexico that is slowly cooked in the largest "trompo" (or vertical rotisserie) in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Alessandro and Alfonso Salvatore, both operators of Lupe Reyes and also co-owners of Acapulco Restaurant, mentioned they would only source the highest quality ingredients to serve the best Mexican dishes in Puerto Rico while showcasing the craft behind 'tacos al pastor.”

Architect Hans Moll-Stubbe, a managing partner at PRISA Group, explained, "when we designed Lupe Reyes, we wanted to highlight its authenticity and freshness. We have made the process of food preparation part of its design.”

Moreover, the restaurant features various noteworthy pieces: a mural of Mayahuel, the Aztec Goddess of agave by Dominican artist Evaristo Angurria, and an installation by multifaceted artist Alexis Bousquet, creator of the urban mural project Santurce es Ley, with three vintage TV sets showing the evolution of Mexican TV and scenes with iconic characters from Puerto Rican's upbringing. On the outside, a mural created by Colectivo Moriviví represents the fresh elements of the menu. Jeffrey Beers International was in charge of the interior design, while local architects Gonzalo Ferrer and Adrianna Colón from Design + Development were the project's architects of record.

This innovative multi-sensorial space will be the house of all Mexican food lovers. Get ready!