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Eat & Drink / Barullo Taberna Española

Transport yourself
to the narrow streets of Spain
in Barullo Taberna Española

hopping from one experience to the next. Located at DISTRITO T-Mobile in San Juan, Barullo Taberna Española celebrates the Spanish heritage in Puerto Rico with a unique culinary experience.

2 PM
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Barulllo Taberna Española is a gastronomic multi-space experience that celebrates Spain’s diverse cuisine. Within its various areas, you’ll find La Barra, where you can enjoy your favorite Spritzers, order a San Sebastián, or have a glass of Albariño while your tapas from the live-cooking station are made. At the Arrocería, you can indulge on exquisite rice dishes like the paella and fideuá, a Valencian dish similar to a paella, but with noodles used as base. The Jamonería offers freshness and quality in every cut, with an array of Spanish hams and cheeses.

Enjoy El Cafecito experience at Barullo Taberna Española, where you will have a delicious encounter with all of your favorite coffee options, as well as flavorful accompaniments such as pastries, open-faced sandwiches, and a grab-and-go selection to get you through the morning or the rest of your day. El Cafecito is the perfect spot to meet with colleagues and friends, as it is an area that is well-equipped with comfortable tables and seats, where customers are provided with free wi-fi. Also, from here you are able to order anything you wish from the Main Menu if you desire to eat inside the restaurant, or to-go for those of you who need a quicker.

In the midst of all the lively bustle and chatter, just like the name suggests, Barullo Taberna Española is the perfect place to catch up with friends while, together, you can experience the age-old tradition of sharing, through amazing food and fine wine. Of course, no one can celebrate Spain's roots without paying homage to great, fine wine! The wine aficionado inside of you will be amazed by the impressive and immense self-serve wall of the Vino al Grifo, which offers an incredible selection of over 20 delicious wine options to choose from, and where you can pour yourself a glass and sample wines from all around the world.