Parking solutions


Experience Puerto Rico’s premier entertainment destination.

We want your experience at DISTRITO T-Mobile to be extraordinary!
That’s why we offer our guests the convenience of easily accessible parking, which you can pay in advance through ParkMobile.

Self-parking: 24/7 Service (Magenta Lot, East & West Lots) | *Magenta Lot closes vehicle entrance at 12:00am | Valet parking: Monday to Sunday from 11:00am to Closing | Tram Service: Friday to Sunday *subject to change due to events 5:00pm to 12:00am | *Employee Tram Service only on red flag days until 1:00am | Employee Parking: 24/7 Service

Simplify your parking experience.

We partnered with ParkMobile, LLC USA to offer our guests the best experience possible. Together, we’ve streamlined the parking process to bring you a smarter way to enjoy your experience at DISTRITO T-Mobile.

Download the app

Life is short. Skip the long lines.

Need a quick, easy and contactless way to park? You got it. To get started, follow these simple steps:


Download the ParkMobile app for Android or iOS.


Create an account and link your credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.


Enter zone code 10101 into the app and scan your ticket.


That’s it! Now your ticket will be processed automatically when you leave, no need to wait in line at the pay station.

Make fun more convenient. Download the app today.

Parking Rates

Self Parking

First Hour: $4.00

Additional Hours: $2.50 each

Special Events: $15.00

*Tax Included

Valet Parking

Lunch Hours: Mon-Fri - $10.00

After Lunch: Mon to Fri - $25.00

*Tax Included

*Does Not Apply Weekends


Two (2) hours FREE with consumption:

11am to 2pm

One (1)hour FREE with consumption:

2:01pm – closing

Three (3) hours FREE when validating at Caribbean Cinemas VIP