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Eat & Drink / La Central by Mario Pagán

Rum. Fire. Barbacoa.
Imagine going beyond a culinary experience.
That´s La Central by Mario Pagán.

Rediscover the bold flavors you love from renowned Chef Mario Pagán and get immersed into Puerto Rico’s roots and traditions as you join us on an unprecedented culinary journey that will ignite your palate.

2 PM
2 People

La Central by Mario Pagán pays homage to a fundamental emblem of Puerto Rico’s history: “la caña de azúcar” (or sugar cane in English), through the creative use of sugarcane and rum in each of its dishes. Accents of the past are quickly brought back to life by the energy of the open charcoal kitchen and the bustle of the evening crowd. Its amazing atmosphere is incomparable, in a way that will make your visit a unique gastronomic experience. The heat of the charcoal grill is palpable from the dining room in this open kitchen concept, where guests can enjoy a perfectly made decadent Tomahawk Steak or a Crispy Branzino.

The prominent copper rum still, sitting majestically right at the heart of the bar, sets the perfect tone for the restaurant's rum-forward cocktail menu. Each of La Central by Mario Pagán's entrées are sizable, and meant to be shared among friends or family, always accompanied by the best artisanal cocktails, such as their signature “Ron y Tabaco”, prepared with añejo rum, tobacco infused syrup, bitters, and garnished with smoked sugar cane that ignite all of your senses. Memorable moments and genuine smiles are distilled in every single customer’s visit.

See and don’t be seen from within the discrete walls of La Central by Mario Pagán’s beautiful Cigar Room, a place that offers customers an unparalleled view of the main dining room area, while in a more quiet, and private setting. Enjoy a cigar with a drink as you experience Puerto Rico’s heritage from a different standpoint, immersed in a timeless, upscale environment that still stays true to our roots. You are guaranteed to have an incredible time while you sip on a glass of aged rum, or light a cigar from our curated, hand-rolled selection.

With multiple seating areas available for private events, La Central by Mario Pagán offers unique experiences catered to any need, from business lunches or dinner meetings to celebratory event dinners. Their second-floor private dining room can cater to intimate gatherings for up to 42 people seating and cocktail events at the bar lounge area for up to 20 guests. The areas overlooking the Popular Plaza at DISTRITO T-Mobile are also available for small gatherings of 20-30 people. Plan your visit with your friends, family, or business partners and indulge in an unforgettable experience.