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Eat & Drink / Lupe Reyes

A vibrant place that celebrates the distinctive
cuisine and history of Mexico.

¡Qué viva!

Are you craving something Mexican to spice up your life? Do you yearn for a taste of Mexican cuisine but haven't found that truly authentic flavor anywhere you look? Do you wish you could sip into delicious Mezcal whenever you wanted to? Well, look no more! Welcome to Lupe Reyes, the place where you'll experience the best authentic Mexican-inspired dishes, where each bite is like a trip to beautiful Mexico with no return ticket and where the taste of celebration is always at your fingertips. The seductive menu features all of the traditional dishes you know and love, from Tacos and Queso Fundido you can't miss out on, to more unique and creative dishes like Tostada de Ceviche.

Handmade tortillas, slow-cooked beef, juicy rotisserie chicken, and fresh fish will give your palate an unforgettable and flavorful experience. Witness the art of handcrafted tortilla making, as well as a rotating trompo cooking deliciously seasoned pork, to make the best Taco al Pastor in town. Featuring an array of refreshing cocktails inspired by Mexican traditions. Taste from the impressive collection of Mezcal, Tequila, and other spirits. Lupe Reyes believes in celebrating life every day, that's why they make every ingredient come together like a party... a very delicious party, most may say. So come over to celebrate life and make a Fiesta out of every tasty moment in life.