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Love Is Love. Come Celebrate It With Us.

We’ve organized a variety of cultural, educational and entertainment events in an effort to support two amazing pro-LGBTQ+ non-profit entities: Waves Ahead and True Self Foundation. As always, we plan on bringing our guests the best experience possible, and through these alliances our environment won’t just be incredibly fun, but also one of support and empowerment.

Glitter and Love

This Saturday 18th, in celebration of Waves Ahead’s 5th year anniversary serving the community, we’ve prepared a wide variety of experiences from art installations to live music. Enjoy diverse art pieces, educational storytelling sessions, bazaar shops and make up & graffiti stations, all while your favorite music is brought to you by DJ Wiwi and DJ Mikey.

Are you a live music fan? You’ll be in for a treat! Dance along to the incredible rhythm of Las Atípicas and bring back those Broadway Disco vibes with an amazing Studio 54 Tribute brought to you by Abracadabra.


On June 25th, this month’s last weekend, come give it your all to celebrate love and diversity in our All Out 5k race, in alliance with True Self Foundation. Enjoy San Juan’s beautiful scenery as we start at 5:00 PM from our premises, through Bahía Urbana and the Luis Muñoz Rivera park, and ending right back at DISTRITO T-Mobile for the All Out Fest with live music and entertainment.

This event is open to the whole family, and will be the organization’s main fundraising source to help promote social mobility and comprehensive wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ communities. Funds are used to provide scholarships, entrepreneurship tools, university access and more.

You can’t miss this one out!

A few familiar faces will be present among several roles during these wonderful events, such as famous singer-songwriter Kany García, the influencer Bryan Villarini, senator Ana Irma Rivera Lassen, writer and activist Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro, among many other figures from the cultural and artistic community.

So come around! Love is love, and we want to celebrate it with you this 18th and 25th of June. We’ll be waiting for you with our arms wide open!