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Puerto Rico’s First-Ever New Year’s

Puerto Rico’s First-Ever New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is Here!

YES!! You read that right.

By now, you’ve probably heard the rumors. Dick Clark’s world-famous New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is coming to Puerto Rico, and DISTRITO T-Mobile will be its official host! We’ll start 2022 with a bang, as we make history with what will be **this event’s first-ever Spanish countdown. **

You can already hear yourself, right? Shouting “cuatro, tres, dos, uno” as the night lights up with fireworks, rockin’ to the rhythm of amazing music, energetic cheers and the joy of a new beginning, knowing you’re in the best place to be. Our Popular Plaza is definitely the spot to celebrate this new year to come.

We’re proud to host the main New Year’s event in the Americas, which will be a unique opportunity to show the world the new Puerto Rico, its modern infrastructure, and the incredible vibe of our people. With DISTRITO T-Mobile, Puerto Rico has a world-class entertainment center that will now continue to elevate our image with the unprecedented exposure this event provides. That’s right, tens of millions of people throughout the United States and around the world will be watching.

And, if you haven’t noticed already, we’re very excited! Our team’s ready to show the world that we’ve got what it takes to be the host with the most, and we really can’t wait to see you here and for you to be a part of this magnificent occasion. So… the countdown starts here. Are you in?

A lot of surprises are still in store, so make sure to stay tuned.