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There’s a new ZENsation in town!

From Japanese, Thai and Chinese, to Filipino and Vietnamese dishes, Denko Asian Eatery is breaking culinary barriers by bringing only the best of oriental traditional cooking.

Keeping up with Asian trends, Denko elevates diner’s culinary experience by implementing “Kaiten-Zushi”; a conveyor-belt type system that delivers fresh food from the kitchen directly to each guest. But wait, there’s more! Hot Pots are also featured in each table, offering visitors the unique experience of DIY by cooking ingredients in a simmering pot of their choice of soup stock.

Denko’s a-la-carte is sure to take you to Flavortown. Perfect for meat lovers and vegetarians, dishes include Steamed Dumplings, Gyoza Pan Fried, Spring Rolls and Tuna Tartare. They also offer a wide variety of Sushi rolls, including the Katsurito that combines fried chicken, avocado, rice, crispy cabbage, carrots and katsu sauce. Also, their main course menu features WOKs like Pad Thai and Lo Mein, noodle soups, and more. As for drinks, visitors can enjoy house cocktails, Japanese whiskey, assorted warm and cold Sake, Bubble Tea, sodas and juices.

Spend a few hours –or a day- in the oriental fusion heaven that is Denko Asian Eatery.