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La Burguesía: Unconventional burger joint concept lands at El Distrito

Experience Puerto Rico’s premier entertainment destination.

Young entrepreneurs elevate the hamburger experience with creative menu.

The name is a game of words that refers to what was once the upper social class, yet ‘La Burguesía’, is an unconventional burger joint concept that opens its doors at El Distrito, full of creativity and innovation, with its own butcher shop, fresh baked bread, original Belgian potatoes, as well as other universal dishes.

Young entrepreneurs William Burn and Carlos González launch ‘La Burguesía’ with an investment of $700 thousand and the creation of 30 jobs, to create a concept that moves away from the traditional with a creative menu that focuses on the freshness in all its elements. The restaurant, located in El Distrito in Miramar, will welcome its guests in a 2,300 p/c lounge with room for 82 people, all in a fun and untraditional atmosphere.

"La Burguesía is born from the effort and creativity of two experienced entrepreneurs, committed to integrate their concept into the energy of this world-class entertainment center", said Abelardo Ruiz, general manager of El Distrito.

On the other hand, Burn explained that ‘La Burguesía's’ menu commends local produce, such as fresh ground meat, for gourmet burgers that are made daily in the restaurant's own butcher's shop. Another element of local gastronomy is bread baked by Puerto Rican bakers, with the particular support of Carlos Ruiz, of Horno de Panne, who developed a unique recipe with an exceptional flavor for this unique burger joint.

Gonzalez, for his part, added that something attractive about La Burguesía's menu is the "build your own burger" option, where customers can customize their burger. "There's no hamburger without your fries. That is why we explored different options until we found an iconic potato. Thus, we found those of Belgium, where the potato is part of a rich culinary tradition, since a larger cut that bears the name "Belgian Cut" is fried. Prepared in the sauce and spice of your selection these fries are served in a cone. They can be ordered according to our recommended recipes or they can create their own version with the ingredients of their predilection. We will also have a wide variety of ‘tapas’ and appetizers, salads, as well as other dishes with the same quality and freshness. To accompany them, you can have one of our "crazy shakes", craft beers, wines or the drink of your choice," explained González.

Furthermore, Federico Stubbe, CEO of PRISA Group, developer of El Distrito, highlighted the experience and creativity of young entrepreneurs, creators of the concept of La Burguesía. "William Burn and Carlos González are top Puerto Rican entrepreneurs, fighting for economic development and job creation," the entrepreneur said. Puerto Rican William Burn, with a master's degree from the University of Puerto Rico, has been in the restaurant industry for more than 10 years and joined Carlos González, his mentor, prominent in the industry for being founder of the chain of restaurants ‘Señor Frogs’ . 

Together, they created the concept of ‘La Burguesía’, and had the support of their partners Herman Vicéns, Julio César Muñoz and Enrique Pascual, Stubbe explained.

Burn, for his part, stressed that, "from the beginning, we wanted to take recipes or universal dishes and elevate them to an exceptional level. We focus on the burger and give a twist to each of its ingredients, with attention to all the details. In Puerto Rico we distinguish ourselves by our creativity, and for putting our distinctive touch into everything; from music to food and that's what ‘La Burguesía’ is all about. Although our signature dish is the burger, which is already a universal dish, we serve it in a unique, creative and special way. I mean, we offer a "bourgeois" product, but at competitive prices."

‘La Burguesía’ joins the wide variety of gastronomic concepts of El Distrito. "In conceptualizing El Distrito, our interest was to provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to have a place as fun and unique as their proposals and we are very pleased with the results," Stubbe said.

El Distrito will open in phases, the first being the opening of Aloft Hotel in February, followed by the opening of the Coca Cola Music Hall on March 20 with the concert of Ednita Nazario. "El Distrito is going to become Puerto Rico's premier entertainment center, while offering a wide variety of entertainment and dining proposals and an innovative hotel concept unique in the Caribbean," Stubbe concluded.